Every night I have the same dream, where years from now I rush into a burning building to save you. Never once did I survive, but yet I still run into the building knowing that you get to live.
There are 4 things im a sucker for

Filipino girls

Girls with thick thighs

Girls that can sing

Girls with cute raspy voices

Anonymous asked:
What do you do if your girl stops having sex with you? We are 3 months into the relationship and she doesn't let me inside anymore.

I never had that problem before so idk what to tell you. You either suck at what you are doing in bed or she is cheating on you. All I can tell you my brotha.

A soul mate isn’t necessarily the person you love most. It’s the person who sincerely challenges you in the aspects of life that everyone else can’t. Soul mates fight. But God damn they love, too.